Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Big surprise, the House Intelligence Committee Republicans are shutting down their Russia investigation. Its Congress, the US government’s yahoo branch, so they were never going to accomplish anything at any rate.
Neither the Republicans or Democrats on it have particularly distinguished themselves and Committee Chairman Devin “I do the gardening at Mar-a-Lago on my weekends” Nunes lost any credibility months ago.


Surprised he stayed as long as he did once he’d described Trump as a ‘fucking moron’.


I figured Tillerson was another Trump stooge when he was nominated. Ex oil company executive looking to feather his nest I thought. But he did good work and was his own man.
His replacement Mike Pompeo is a bellicose war hawk, entirely unsuitable for the position of a diplomat. Trump be preparing for a war?



Indeed. he did seem like a fairly pragmatic & sensible individual. Was never going to fit in.


Yep. There are really only two ways to get to be CEO of a large corporation.

  1. Be very good (Tillerson)
  2. Inherit it off your dad (Trump).


Longtime Trump personal assistant John McEntee was also fired and frog marched out of the White House. He’s under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for “serious financial crimes” . . . so, of course, Trump promptly rehires him to work on his 2020 campaign team.
You can’t make this shit up.





Nicked from Twitter

“We should have a new force called the Space Force. It’s like the Army and the Navy, but for space, because we’re spending a lot of money on space”


LOL, the Republican National Committee and various PACs spent over $11 million on this campaign, for a seat that is going to disappear in November.


What’s the deal with the next presidential election? Does Trump get the Republican nomination unopposed as he is in office and eligible for another four years or can the GOP nominate someone else as the official party candidate?


I believe it’s conventional not to oppose but there’s nothing to formally stop a challenger. Given how unconventional things have been of late it wouldn’t surprise me if someone ran against him.


If the Democrats get control of either or both Congress and the Senate in the upcoming November mid-term elections (and thereby chairmanship of Russia investigations) its curtains for Cadet Bone Spurs 2020 aspirations.


We can but hope.


Odd thing these mid-terms, even when the President is popular the party holding the White House generally takes a beating. The Democrats are buoyed by their showing in the various “special elections” since Trump has taken office. Even when they have lost, their candidates have outperformed 2016 election numbers, in some cases strongly (bigly?) outperformed.
The Republicans definitely had a pants/shit interface moment last night in the Pennsylvania special election I linked to above. That seat shouldn’t have even been in play.




How the fuck do any of those contractors keep a straight face listening to that absurd word salad.


I have a perfect view in my mind’s eye of Trump eagerly thumbing through glossy wall catalogues whilst in his White House 4-poster bed. Tweeting as he goes.