Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke







Referred to as Mr Trump in most of that article. If only wishing made it so!



Probably has a lot to do with the latest addition to Trump’s legal team.
Meet batshit crazy conspiracy theory peddling lawyer Joseph DiGenova . . .


Another day, another firing …

I guess this one doesn’t matter much since Trump is, as someone in the Foreign Office once said of Robert Mugabe, “very advice-resistant”.



Excellent Bolton loves a good war.



They’re always at war somewhere in the world. This guy will test their multi tasking skills


The qualification for working in the White House now seems to be that Cadet Bone Spurs likes the cut of your jib when he watches you on Faux News.


I just saw Bolton being interviewed.

“If you want peace, you have to get ready for war” :frowning_face:


That is the American way though, it’s exactly the gun argument scaled up


Beat me to it :grin:


Phone call to number 10 coming soon;

Yo “Theresa,i’m trying to deflect this silly investigation they are doing on me so was thinking of having a little war.
Anyway,you know you are in deep shit with trade deals,well you better make sure you back me 100% on this if you want some crumbs at the end.”


The Republicans always go to war. It’s good for their chums who manufacture weapons for the military.


Anyone that remembers Bolton as Ambassador to the UN under Bush II knows he went to the von Ribbentrop school of “diplomacy”.

I see that he’s sticking with the mustache trimmed with a butter knife look :+1:


This could be car crash TV at it’s best.


More cuntishness masquerading as policy