Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke




See post #nnnn from 3 months ago. :roll_eyes:

Still, you are strayan, so that explains why your’re behind, if not the gas bbq.


Not sure if stupid or pirate


Some things are worth repeating.


None of them are likely to appear on this thread/site though.



Because cunt.


NK talks back on:


Kim may be a murderous tyrant, but he’s playing Trump like a cheap violin.


Just fuck off and die Pence, you moronic piece of vermin shit.






Clearly Bill Gates thinks he’s a massive cunt.


Discussing the catastrophic shortage of fake tanning products with Special Advisor Kim Kardashian-West


Actually it wouldn’t be so bad if they’d talked about fake tan. But they talked about prison reform and sentencing, a field in which Kardashian is a world renowned expert. Trump must’ve been out of his depth somewhat.


Is she holding the little toggle switch that moves his eyes?


Gameshow host takes prison reform advice from reality TV star who sucked off a rapper on camera.


The stories are of no consequence (tabloid rag), but the NY Post has the best cover pages . . .


Why are they under water?




So he was never meeting Kim from North Korea-it was this bimboid all along?