Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Time to person the barricades


I notice the right wing idiots have stopped using the ‘politics of envy’. They got away with that one for years.


Agreed comrade, for the right reasons obvs



I never lose an opportunity to play Leon.

saw him play this when the banking crisis hit


Capitalism isn’t in crisis, it is crisis.


This may be true, but an unpaletable part of that is that if your household income minus council tax comes in at £40 grand then you are one of the rich, you have an income more than that of 80% of the populaion. At £30 grand you beat 55% and if it comes in at £75 grand then you are in the top 4%. This may be somewhat simplistic and ignores disposable income, but it also ignores asset accumalation and inheritance. On top of this there has also been some forty years of the bottom 10% getting poorer while the top 10%t get richer, in the middle the move has also been to the left for the majority.

Millions of people are poor, as opposed to just poorer than someone else.

I agree with others that migration and migrants are scapegoats. It is always the economy, confidence in it and your place in it, that matters and not only in politics. If you accept that migrants are scapegoats then you should also consider the possibility that the rejection of the status quo, reflected by Trump, Brexit,the collapse of centre politics etc is because whole swathes have been left behind in the economy while the rich have prospered. In this context i am one of the rich and that is truly fucking worrying.

I’m sure economists will have disected this sort of stuff ad infinitum, but i do feeli that there are tens of millions of people out there who have been right royally fucked in this economy.

Following on from that, if you are unable to econically benefit in a very personal way from say, EU membership, then being told that to leave would be economially disasterous for you does not resonate. This lack of empathy was one of the major failings of the remain campaign, a negative campaign doesn’t always win.

I am more optomistic than the beleif that says there are 17 million plus racist idiots out there. I am less optomistic that in the current climate , any of the underlying causes of economic disenfranchisement will be recognised, let alone tackled.






WRT Trump, the Electoral College system is why he got there. He lost the popular vote by over 3m ballots. It somehow isn’t a surprise that the Electoral College system was originally created to appease racists.


Trump’s car being escorted to the #G72018 .
Well played Canadian Outriders.
Well played indeed.


If we’re digging out old stuff, there’s always the wig caterpillar…




Except it wasn’t, lol, that’s about a year old.


Well Trump has done what the last 5 USA Presidents couldn’t do and remove nuclear weapons from N Korea, I bet the South Koreans and Japanise are a bit relieved.


I’m gonna go and take a hot shower after writing this, but: credit where it’s due. Somehow he’s managed to do more than Obama, Cllinton & The Bushes achieved on NK.

Yes, the agreement itself is paper thin, yes he’s achieved very little in return for ligitemising NK, yes, it’s possible (likely) that he’ll go and fuck it up all by himself, but feck all always happens if you don’t start talking.

Of course, it’s a shame he couldn’t extend the same courtesy to the G7 leaers, the horrific cunt.


Sometimes it takes a stupid cunt to achieve what ordinary people can’t.


Trump might be corrupt, dumb, egotistical and have the attention span of a goldfish but he is much better and more effective on his own than the massive shower of 650 over privileged, Oxbridge educated, career obsessed arseholes we have.

Usually the main way to judge an administration is on the state of the economy - get that right and rest tends to fall into place - and the USA economy is in great health.


Yep. FaecesBook fail. Cut and pasted for shits & giggles without checking.