Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Meanwhile in Italy other cunts are hard at work!


We are also preparing.
It’s a common game that’s gone on years, opposition flexes muscle so we do too. Both sides know there’s no winner.


Normally I’d agree but I’m not so sure about this clown.


The very good news is that he won’t nuke Scotland because the fat cunt owns two golf courses here.


with bunkers though - fuck knows what might be buried there


Always good value




Quicker and cheaper answer.


It goes on…

Slowly demolishing everything good that America once stood for. This is how it ends - not with a bang, but incrementally through the rise of evil.


I dunno, they have a point.


Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s so much better to stay in and influence it into the right direction rather than just quit. Same with the EU!


There’s always a point of course, no institution is perfect but quitting everything is generally called isolationism. Dangerous.



Germany accuses Trump of doing Penance.


From Fox News:

Around the time the US has left the UN Human Rights Council. Coincidence?

Apparently some images that have been shown of detained children are from a few years ago… Can’t trust the media.

[Apologies to all for the misunderstanding of an earlier post. I neglected to attribute information to a source.]

In the meantime, the US government has released a budget bill repealing the Affordable Care Act, implementing massive cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, and providing tax cuts. Presumably to pay for SpaceBalls 2?


Yep, heard Ann Coulter on breakfast TV this morning. Would gladly fucking throttle her - racist cunt with no fucking empathy whatsoever. Makes Katie Hopkins seem almost compassionate…:angry:


So Trump backs down.

I do hope those of us who’ve been appalled by what we’ve seen, heard and read might now turn our attentions to the ugly shit that’s happening on our (European) doorstep.

I’m about as pro-European as they come, but our collective EU failure to do a thing about the Mediterranean crisis will be crucified by history, and is shameful.


Some things are being done in the Mediterranean of course, but it could well be argued that they’re not enough. And the EU’s failure to agree a coherent approach is pretty telling.

But the crises themselves aren’t really there. The crises are really the dreadful conflicts which run all the way from Syria to Afghanistan and the abject poverty which exists in much of sub-Saharan Africa. We can splash about as much or as little as we want in the Med, but the mess isn’t going to get better if we can’t address its root causes.



Vote Tory to cut foreign aid then :+1::thinking:


I agree, of course: but whistling while Italy is left to deal with the influx in a not entirely humane manner is on all our governments