Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


It’s only fair, the rain plays havoc with his hair :scream:


[quote=“crimsondonkey, post:5073, topic:234, full:true”]
It’s only fair, the rain plays havoc with his decency[/quote]


I think we have the same builder over here


Rudy fucks up:

Make sure you click on the G-20.In link. :rofl:


Ha! Excellent


LOL, some wag was quick off the mark in registering that domain.

And this, kids, is why punctuation is important.


He’s going, but the Bush family have stopped him making the normally anticipated current President’s speech.


Won’t stop him mouthing off at some point (he already has, in a minor way, on twatter).

I’m actually surprised they invited him, unless they hope he’s going to commit some horrendous faux pas…


Tradition or formality I would think.


Deserving of all procto-col and Penance.


It’s tradition. And the incumbent president traditionally - as in ‘always’ - delivers a eulogy.
Not this time.


That will cause some angst to the orange one, a snub of bigly proportion.


Food for thought, ideal if you relish gluttony .


Apparently, it was a request from the family to show respect and NOT make it all about him.


The fact he claims to have been there guarantees of the lack of veracity.


These two bits of Video are things of beauty.

Trudeau referring to him as Donald which apparently he hates & the disbelief as he signs the agreement in the wrong place.




Mexico pay for that wall yet?