Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


WTF is Global Waming?


An off shoot of Global hi fi?


Ahh! Wasn’t sure if the Kit-e-kat guy had made inroads in to the Trump administration


Even Global warming isn’t the correct phrase to use. It’s climate change, because it encompasses more than just temperature increases.


Global waming is caused by steaming hot stacks of hambergers.




Derp :crazy_face:


Flying pig?



That’s a scary (if, I suspect, accurate) judgement. It’s not as scary as the horseshit talked further down the page by the Trump supporters though. Let’s just hope that the Republicans have learned their lesson and, whenever Trump goes, will return to picking their presidential candidates from the slower-than-average-but-content-that-way group rather than the stupider-than-most-quadrupeds-and-angry-about-it bunch.



It makes you wonder what will come out of the Muller investigation.





Batshit crazy woman ups the crazy quota…

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has told a religious television network that God “wanted Donald Trump to become president”.


This shite in the 21st century? I am lost for words…


She’s dyslexic - she meant to say a dog chose him


Shitkickeristan is farting out it’s last brain cells.


It’s not even the worst take she’s had since she’s been Press Secretary, but then that’s a seriously high bar these days.



One of the few traditions he’s sticking to.