Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke



LOL! No wonder he lost his shit at SNL last night!



I fucking wish.

That one incident alone should be been his death knell.



Been watching for 3 hours. Send help.


Numbers don’t matter, so long as they’re BIGLY! :rofl:


We need more G!!


Spots I presume .







I’ve tried watching this to the end three times now, but my toes curl around so many times that I have to turn it off

Holy Mother of fucking God




All conversations with Trump should carry a Memorandum Of Not Understanding.


Interesting story breaking about Trump kissing a former campaign staffer. He is denying it of course.


What a fucking tool.

Just spews nonsensical horse shit without any self control.




Let’s hope he goes with “That’s a LIE: I didn’t kiss her, I just grabbed her by the pussy” as his line of defence


It’s kind of irrelevant in terms of the big picture. He’s done so much worse, and the GOP have shown zero willingness to hold him to account for any of it.


Steve Bannon?