Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke




Will the teflon survive this stress test?


Cohen’s full statement is here. I can recommend that you read as far as the end of page 2. Suffice to say that Cohen has a flair for the dramatic.


Cohen testimony more gripping than the latest Brexit debate. Not a high bar tbh.



LOL, it’s like someone made an all Fredo version of The Godfather.


Even with natural padding thats got to hurt :frowning:


Thing is, given Trump Sr’s utterly terrible judgement himself, does that mean that Jnr is leagues worse, or is he actually a shrewd operator?

looks at Jnr’s Twitter feed

That’ll be the former then.


Yup. Left hand/wrist, left hip and, particularly, right knee look like they hit the ground quite hard. The outcome will depend largely on what the ground surface was like. Since it’s some sort of dog agility course and there is obviously a risk of falling you might hope it was softened.



Is Cohen hoping that this appearance will somehow help in reducing the length of his sentence? It’s a high risk strategy if so.


I’ve just seen him explain it doesn’t work that way, he wished it did but it doesn’t.


He could have kept his mouth shut and hoped for a pardon from Trump on any federal charges, so maybe he legitimately wants the truth to come out :thinking:


That’s my feeling.

But he could just as easily be a dodgy lying cunt like the rest of them :man_shrugging:


Yup. The strength of his testimony will be enhanced/diminished by whatever independently verifiable truths it does/doesn’t reveal. Otherwise those making the judgement will be reduced to deciding who they believe, which is not much of a basis for ensuring that justice is done.



I watched about half hour on BBC earlier and the Repubs were asking about him and his conduct and trying to focus on his admitted lying. The Dems were asking about what Trump had done or said.

No real surprises.



Oh, that’s all right then.


Putin, the House of Saud, Duterte, Erdogan, Sisi. Very fine people. The best.