Driverless - would you dare?

Ford 2021, BMW reckon 2030

this 2nd one is amusing

Really that soon?

Behind every sales guy is a programme team cringing at the timeline and claims made :slight_smile:

Are you for or against?

I can’t wait for them :thumbsup:

The Google car testing stats from California are highly encouraging.

It almost already at the point where it’s more about mindset and legal liability bunfights than the tech.


I quite enjoy driving, would generally much prefer to be holding the wheel than a passenger and don’t often have to drive in cities where it can be a chore, so, I suppose I’m wondering what problem they are trying to solve…

As a software engineer, I would find it an interesting problem to work on, nonetheless.

Half the feckin cars on the road these days might as well be driverless :unamused:

Drunk, sleeping, watching porn, no taxis ever again. Can’t bloody wait for it.


Totally bring it on, for me. I quite like driving, but the roads are full of poor drivers, so it gets quite frustrating at times. I’d rather play cards with the kids now.

For me the issues are mainly around quality of tech - there is some variability in the current techs. Some use only image processing, some also use radar. I’d like to understand the difference in outcome.

I think that the liability issue is actually rather easy - it’ll be sorted through insurance. The manufacturers and software developers will have insurance, and so will the car ‘driver’. There will be done hugely expensive test cases, and it will get sorted out. Inevitably it will end up with the car owner’s insurance in time, which will be cost adjusted based on the quality of the manufacturer’s system.

Welcome to the world of Johnny Cabs.
Where would you like to go today?


Second daughters BF just bought a Tesla, he loves it and the self drive.

Efficient use of available road space
Enable more freight to be carried out of socialable hours
Reduction in accidents
Reduction in emissions

Is your starter for 10.

Women drivers.


Statistically, they’re better than men - it’s just that it never feels like that when you’re out there driving :wink:

That’s because a lot of men are pea-brained shitlords who think they’re the living embodiment of Jim Clark.


Hmm, You are more for than against so far - i think when you’ve reached a certain age - erhem, driving esp long distances, heavy traffic, as already said, the other @ssholes on the road, it all becomes more of a chore.

The too old to drive will love them. Christchurch can definitely deploy big time ASAP :slight_smile:

If it can happy to Jimmy, it can happen to anyone…

Can’t wait - looking forward to being driven to pub and back.

That said, I’m still keeping the porker for track days!

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And therefore reduced overall spend on insurance.

My new car has self parking and that was freaky the first time that I used it.
I don’t think I could sit in the ‘drivers seat’ of a driverless car - too nervewracking, but I think I would be OK as a passenger.

I would love it.

Providing it had RORO ferry capabilities :slight_smile:

I’m a shit passenger and the living embodiment of Jim Clark, so I hate the idea.

eh… you would be a passenger if the car was driverless regardless of what seat you were sat in…