Dual 505 repair

Does anyone have a dead or unused earlyDual 505 they don’t want? The early ones had a peculiar headshell carrying a custom made Ortofon MM which was held in place by a mechanism actuated by moving the fingerlift. I need the body (not the stylus) of that cartridge. I’m repairing it for a friend & find that you can’t readily fit a conventional 1/2" mount cartridge to that headshell without some unobtainium conversion kit so I have to track down a spare body as this one is broken.

Good luck with that, I skipped my last 505 as the repair parts were more than the cost of a new one.

Indeed, that’s how it looks yet they must’ve sold thousands of them at one time. I might just have to try araldite & sticking this piece together again


I used one about 3 years ago for someone who was insistent that their TT was repaired. These days I would scrap it and buy a new TT from Richer Sounds…

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Thanks for that. I do have a cheapo mm I could fit if I go down that road. $60 is a bit rich for this job though.

I might be able to help you out Guy.

Cool, what do you have?

A 505 but need to check if it’s an earlier model to meet your needs. I’ll let you know this Friday and if it’s the one then I’ll bring it to Jims on Saturday.

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That’d be great if you’re sure it’s surplus to any requirements.