Dvd cd

[Wanted dvd/cd](http://Wanted dvd/cd)

After a cheap replacement thinish version if possible

It’s started stopeed/& starting sng generally emmbarrresss itself

Ii did I have a matching remote kindly given from a member that packed a a while aga, but it was @atouchofcloth

It has a scartrlead so age isn’t a problem

It was a Sony qs which is still going so so thing similar would be great

Would this be ok? It’s a Panasonic dot-e85h

I would need to check it works, been in the garage for years.

Sorry, it doesn’t seem to work. Fails self test.

Try your local freecycle and FB groups too @stu , I gave 3 away over lockdown

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I’ve got this if of use

Sorry for for such a shit ad
But it going to be my main cd player, dvd not s bothered

Similar to this

Not sure if this would fit the bill but I’ll send it to you if it’s any good.

IIRC I got it from Olan. It works - I had an adapter but you could easily fit a 3 pin plug to it.

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Think I’m sorted now paul and others

That is a blast from the bast. 20 Euro from Al Campo in Valencia IIRC.

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