For Christmas last year, I chose a set of Sony SBH-80 bluetooth headphones. I use them every night in bed when I’m watching nonsense on YouTube and when I am walking to/from work. The battery life is usable, the sound is good enough, they’re comfortable. All good.

Except, the last few nights, the cunting things aren’t happy when my phone is in my coat pocket, the material upsets the fucking signal, meaning the music stutters and I get increasingly pissed off with each pace, meaning I am a bear with a sore head by time I get to the office. Sometimes, also, they seem to alert me of something (I don’t know what) by bleeping 5 times quickly, also interrupting the music, about 5 or 6 times before things settle down. Happens with all devices I’ve tried, but only when I’m walking, in the house, they’re fine. I don’t know what the issue is, I don’t care, I want to replace them.

Recommend me some ordinary inner-ear earphones for £100.00 tops - I’m not using additional amplification, this is just for use with my phone for Spotify and FLACs occasionally when walking outside.

up until recently I was using some T20’s from RHA. Whilst those are a bit above your budget, I have also had a listen to the next model down which are below your budget.


I’m thinking of these for my next purchase…


That Filo advert makes me want to vomit.

I’ve just bought a pair of these largely for running etc but I’ve been impressed by the connectivity and sound quality. Over budget but very comfortable and better than anything else I tried around that price (but might just be a good fit for my ears so YMMV etc).

It has a web page like a toilet roll…

Thanks for the suggestions so far, chaps.

I think I want to steer away from Bluetooth, but it seems to be a problem with the set I have according to the keyboard warriors on Google. Will do some more research when I’ve finished eating cheesecake.

Why not try some resets of headphones and phone? Often solves issues…

Like, re-pair them etc

I’ve tried different devices on top of that, the range on this headset is just poor.