eBay stuff (Part 2)

Agreed, pretty poor description, they don’t even mention if the curtain has been cleaned.

Cleaned? :open_mouth:

Some people got a bit over excited when listening to it. Probably needs more than a rub with a damp cloth.

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If Hart audio took too much acid



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These look nice


Classic Emporium - last time they advertised it they wanted £600!

It’s probably a nice sounding thing, but since Helmut Becker died the company has disappeared forever, so it’ll not be overly easy to replace some parts if it goes tits-up.

Not a power amp, but a nice pre…

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I wish.

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“Preowned excellent condition”

Look like they’ve fallen down a flight of stairs…

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Is that mould on the back of the crossovers,

leading to the damp cellar where they’ve been stored for the last few years


Whatever else can be said about it, that engineer’s report is :poop: claiming 6111s are microphonic is absolute crap - they were designed to function perfectly in insane applications like steerable nuclear artillery shells! The one in my ANUK DAC1.1S has had about 30 years use and is still functional!

I have quite a bit of experience of 6111 in preamps, and tbf they can go noisy, mainly a broadband hissing noise, but would agree they dont go microphonic.
They can also run for years and be perfectly silent.
I find that most which will go noisy do so in the first few days, so I run them in then test them.


Never heard the nuclear artillery shell one but they were certainly used in guided missiles, ICBMs and radars.

Also read they were also used as undersea cable repeaters for voltage gain as they have a min life expectancy of 100,000 hours so only needed replacing every 10 years.

6 hrs listening every day would see them lasting 45 years so you’ve got a bit left in yours yet :slight_smile:

They’re also a right twat to replace as I found with my old 1x DAC

Yes, fucking AN solder them down so tight - and in so awkward a spot - the only sensible way to get mine out is to crush it with pliers and desolder the remnants!

@sjs used to mount them in a little base with a spacer i.e not soldered.

Useless courier managed to throw it around so badly that it knocked the 6111s free

The transformer also got ripped off the mount and bent the volume pot bar like a banana :rage: :rage: :rage:

Carriers are utter fucking cunts :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

FWVLIW, Langrex stock little ceramic sockets suitable for these, though just being sensible - like even Musical Fidelity managed - and mounting them well clear of the PCB using part of the length of their long flyleads works well enough in most instances.

I have 200 of the things, useless tbh, if you want them they are yours :grin:

I have always used 8-pin transistor mounting bases, currently I use some nice pfte ones with gold plated pins


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