eBay stuff (Part 2)

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Cool I was the 10000th post :grinning:

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hate to burst your bubble but your last post was 10,077 :smile:

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Was thinking about the Technics you have @Spider, seem like a pretty robust and popular choice, a good shout :+1:

Just realised you mean the new model, that really is something special. Probably have to wait till I’m 70 for that one

The SP10 will do just nicely and is a great turntable. Prices are going up but a good one isn’t going to be too bad cost wise.


@crimsondonkey will get the name of the step down when I get home on Tuesday.

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Not sure which thread to post this…

Stepdown is Airlink UK-JA2000 Japanise Stepdown Transformer, rating 2000VA input 230V, output 100V, (two outputs).



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Cheers Bob. Mine is the JA1000 230V to 2x100V outputs.

Ah…Mine is a lot quieter than the cheapo one that came with my TT. However as I have found out many times, what is quiet for one person is not for the rest of humanity.

If it’s the transformer mechanically buzzing in time to the 50Hz mains cycle then you’ve got a DC offset issue which a blocker between wall and tranny should fix.

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I’d say that’s precisely what’s happening with mine

Am I missing something? - this is on eBay from the US for c.£1800 inc postage, yet Audio Emotion is selling them at over £4500. I guess there might be import charges but not £2800’s worth.

The US one is used and the AE one is new ? Maybe not every seller of used stuff is out to get ‘only what I paid for it’ ?

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Buy some weird shit


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You’re looking at around £2,400 once you’ve paid the import costs and bought a step down so it’s not really better value than a secondhand UK one.

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Get that and @Valvebloke’s point - used in the UK are going for nearly 4K from what I can see but I guess that’s just supply/demand and/or people hyping up the price.

£4k is a new one, secondhand were selling in the UK and EU for less than £2k

What are import charges %-wise, roughly, from the US?