eBay stuff (Part 2)

Think the IO-M is somewhere between an ANUK IO-2 and ANUK IO-Gold (but closer to the IO-2)

The ANJ IO-Silver is much better though

Think ANUK replaced the Silver with the Gold when they parted ways @murrayjohnson will probably know?

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Is that not Nick?

It is indeed.

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Recognised these from Lopwell when I saw the photo - our @Adpully is selling some surplus bits (including 300b amp and valves for those of a vacuous bent).

plus other bits


What’s that linear arm like? I can’t recall ever hearing one.

Very good with a 401 as long as you get it properly attached so it doesn’t swivel and absolutely nail down the alignment.

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I’ll keep an eye on it, fancy a change from the Tabriz. Is it fussy about cartridges?

Not particularly apparently, Vic used it with Deccas and I use Ortofon Cadenzas/Kontrapunkts.

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Really interested actually, been meaning to try a linear tracker for a while.

I’ve just realised it ends at 8am, so I don’t have much time to prevaricate! They’re not particularly spendy new though, as these things go. Hmm.


Nice! :star_struck:

And it appears I own a new tone arm… :smiley:


You’d need a sub with those Ji… er… Never mind… :wink:


Wonder what the letters on the inputs stand for?


L= Low
M= Mid
MH = (Mid High) Upper Mid
SH = Shrill

Are there two?

Looks like just the one to me :man_shrugging:

No idea TBH, the price is suspiciously low if it is a pair.

Looking at the pics again there may be two.