eBay stuff


This attitude is concerning


why not?


I have heard a few Io’s on different arms. Very different from a Koetsu. Wouldn’t swap, but that is just my taste.
Go to bakeoffs.


I have sold many £Thousands worth of kit to people who couldn’t be arsed to listen to it first.

Absolute fucking madness to me, but people are truly phenomenally lazy!


Yes yes yes, but if it all sounds the same whats the point?
Shiny and expensive is what folks want :wink:


you mean its a bit like buying shoes without trying them on first,


So very true dearheart! And I am but here to serve!


Demos are for wimps.


More betterer FFS. The standard of grammar on here is really slipping :roll_eyes:


My mate built two in the early 90’s, one for him and one for me (still have it and use it). A really good amp, so good that Wilmslow Audio in Knutsford showed a great deal of interest in them when we were demoing speakers there. Wilmslow were sold on, but the new owners acquired the rights to market the kit.
At this price very silly and little money.


Moar :grin:





Out of focus pictures and emporium hifi, no thanks.

Would love to upgrade mine but I’ve been burnt by him a few times now.


Beautiful cartridge. Sometimes (most times) I wish I’d kept mine :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes, but, field coil…


Oh hell, yes.

I would never get rid of the Ltd, but I wouldn’t mind still having the Gold on another arm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nick always offers a no quibble return on all cartridges he sells, so should be risk free.


With the Medium-sized Lebowski on this - pictures are useless, but just about manage to depict a tatty and heavily-used looking cart that really doesn’t coincide with the fanciful description.

I’d love one, but sure as fuck not that one!