eBay stuff (Part 1)

Apparently the best of the Kondo amplifiers, the Baransu. Super rare (I’ve never seen one for sale). It’s essentially an Ongaku front end and driver, but with SE 300B. Silver everything…


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The Euro500 shipping is the deal breaker for me. Sell the flat beetle and get it.

Nah, The beetle is way more fun!

I do plan on building a replica with some nice Tango NY-15 transformers, though. I have most of the parts already. Won’t be silver in the transformers, but pretty close. I guess that makes it more of a Shinri as that was the main difference between it and the Baransu.

Not a fan of silver cabling myself, always seems a bit edgy musically, copper has a more relaxed warmer sound. But them I am Peter Belt in disguise.

More than one style of Audio Note logo on the same amp? I’m out.

Is that the “race rabski” build?


If so, it will be three ways between them and the pitch drop experiment.



This Kondo related japery is excellent. Please continue…:nerd:

Pretty sure I read that 300B amp was Kondo San’s personal favourite.

Are we taking bets on who will finish first, Coco or Rabski :slight_smile:

Cheap if you are local, £2 binding post needed.



You’ll need a x/over. Sort of random shite that some people cream over.



Very nice too!

Looks like a model of a Sherman Tank in that photo…

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Very tempted


£1300 postage???

Postage is taking the piss, tried buying some Yamamoto stuff off him in the past and he wouldn’t budge on prices in the slightest.

Would probably be cheaper to fly over pay cash on collection and then ship them back by sea in an ISO :slight_smile:

I’m sure it is possible to get the shipping for a decent price.

Just fucking do it.