eBay stuff


:joy:They are mine


Brilliant :+1:

Please post a pic when you have them hanging up.


Nice one - they were well worth the money, and the look is still currently deeply trendy, FWVLIW :+1:


You just can’t stop, can you ?

It’s an illness you know ?


In this instance he is actually showing some taste. Maybe he’ll see the light and become a Liverpool or Man City fan as well.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Who, Cheshire Bob ?

:joy: Yeah, right.


How the fuck would he be showing taste by becoming a shitty fan?? You’re avin a bobblehat and scarf mate :grimacing:


Come on Jim - even becoming an Everton fan would be an improvement on his current deluded allegiance.


He can apply to WBA or Stoke thanks. BFS and LFS mean we have enough misery to deal with currently.



Coloured vinyl :thinking:


You know that’s different.





Weird, that is Luke who box swaps more than me. I thought he had sold those last year.


also got some tannoys up for sale too



The ad insertion date is 2017 but the text says the amps were tested in April 2018. He has an x250.5 up there too. That is one hell of an amp/heater.


Bargain for someone wanting 100s of hours enjoyment for £5500 :thinking:


Seriously, seriously over priced. It would have to be under £3K if it is well used. A refurbish by Koetsu will not be cheap.


I saw that, thought exactly the same and laughed to myself.


Your goal



Tom Fletcher inspired thing.