eBay stuff


…and when just one unobtanium chip or transistor dies - enjoy your retro paperweight :ok_hand:




If your sculpture was made today how desirable / valuable would it be?


Oof, that is not going to be cheap, shipping is gonna be the least of the expense.

I like the bit where the seller says he is a collector rather than a user, so it’s hardly been used :man_facepalming:


Unfortunately I don’t have a P3, considered one of the very best Japanese turntables. My guess is 7000£.


Seven big ones for that…



A lot of engineering in a P3.



I’d rather have a P3 than some over priced modern plank/dinner gong affair where the budget is mainly spent on marketing. At least they put some actual engineering effort into it.

There a reason some vintage stuff fetches high prices.


Have you got a T/T yet Pete? Working that is. :sunglasses:


Looks betterer without the wood cladding :+1:


I’ve had one for a while!




Feckin right - it should at least have counter rotating dinner gongs! :smile:


Hmmm - not sure quantity automatically = quality - more LP12-meets-cement-mixer… :wink:


HiFi dealer butthurt is the best butthurt.


Given that this is likely to be better and more likely to go up in value than the Project TTs you used to try to flog, your position is somewhat compromised.


Suspended with direct drive? Bound to be good! :wink:


Our other business fiddles with tonearms parts. We often get butt whine messages:

They usually go along the lines of 'Will you sell for less" or more to the point “Why so much?” Both receive the same answer. These parts are difficult and expensive to manufacture. If you were to go along to a machinist and have the part made it would cost more and will not have the perceived market value of the original.

The P3 would have been very expensive to manufacture and the R&D bill would be long. Add to this the ‘Artifact factor’ and rarity (Both = pride of ownership which is highly valued with collectors) I think it is a solid buy in comparison to a modern deck of equivalent value that will drop a 1/3 on the way out the showroom.


That’s a very old fashioned outlook Have you thought about nailing a dinner gong to a board and spending the R&D budget on hookers and gin…sorry…marketing?


But Bob, I am confus, surely you deplore people making a profit from things?