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Russians found a use for all those old Sputniks then.


Looks like it plays CDs as well, new one on me.


Meh :expressionless:


Lid looks like it fell off a Techie 1200…


Would be nice if they were actually both the same.


Has anyone here ever bought one of these (or something like it)? Are they based on the same circuitry as the ones Edd puts together? I only ask because someone is asking me for advice on decent sounding affordable SS amps.


Pretty much the same, I tend to build the 30/60 which have more output devices.

Given he usual Chinese ebay hi-fi caveats they should be nice.


There is a guy in the UK who builds and sells them on ebay but he normally wants around £800+ for the pass clone amps.


30w in a nice modushop case and half decent components like Elma silmics is about £350-400 in parts, 800+ seems a little steep but I figure I take about 10 hours to build one.


Even more than I thought, £975

From the photos the power caps look a bit small to me as my alephs have got coke can sized things.


Your amps are 100w, so need a higher voltage power supply and larger caps, these 25-30w jobbies only run around 25-28v so the caps are pretty small.

The J has a Jfet input stage so costs a bit more to build, maybe £500 in bits.


You can buy something decent for that money that retains it’s value.


That’s the point. If it’s a halfway decent sounding Class A amp I’m not sure what you can buy even for £360 second hand that would be as good. This is for someone who has reasonably sensitive speakers ie 95 dB/W so they really won’t want to be listening to a whole lot of crossover distortion while playing at lowish levels. I guess you might find a Pm4 or a Sugden possibly but what else?


If you look at the amp that drove those small horns I bought the other day, 15W class A, Kelvin Labs. The early Anatek amps are also nice, the A50R is the integrated to go for.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck me want…


I think they’re advertised on the old place.


What have you got at the moment?


Tune Audio primes


Didn’t Jim have a pair of those a couple of years ago?


They are only £5500 over there.