eBay stuff


I find them pretty hideous.


Yes, a bit coloured and the bass doesn’t go particularly deep, but apart from that a nice sounding speaker


Are these the ones that Jack ran a few years ago at Cranage? That system was wonderful.


Nope, he used the bigger ones.


The trouble with buying Tune Audio speakers is actually selling them on when you have finished with them. More main stream speakers are much easier to move on, in fact any speaker that isn’t ‘big’ is fairly easy.


+1, remember the reception ATC40’s got here, beating offers off with shitty stick on eBay.


yes nick who owns them is a great guy , he has bought some soundkaos speakers


They were £9K new I believe, £5.5K seems hopeful, more like £3.5K IMHO.


Says man who would have them up for £5.5K if they were his for sale.


Except I would NEVER buy them.


That is already abundantly clear.


And you don’t stock them because…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not unsaleable enough.


Yes with subs sounded excellent


I’ve been toying with the idea of putting this lovely Sony PUA-9 on my TTS-8000 but it’s not come up at the best time for me.

This arm has been on my watch list for 18 months so pretty rare. Might be of interest to one or two here?


A bit much for me, I was thinking of an arm for the nos Sony TTS-2250.

I have a PUA-7 on the other TTS-2250.


Nice, if I had a Sony deck I’d be tempted if the seller would accept an offer.


Remember the shipping & import duties, so 25% more for duties.


I am more than tempted. Salivating describes it better but aside from the money I have other concerns that give me pause for thought:

I can’t find any info on the effective mass of the arm so not sure how it will get on with the Kiseki.

There’s no template, protractor etc and I’m not sure what geometry it prefers.

The TTS 8000 plinths that I see sporting this arm in google pics all have lift off lids. All the TTS-8000s sold in the UK were sold with a hinged lid and no arm. I am concerned that the arm will not fit under the hinged lid. That worries me because of the proximity of my deck to my speakers. Although I don’t suffer from acoustic feedback, I am happier with a hinged lid that I can lower when playing.

Finally I have my doubts that it will outperform my SME 310.

If any of you have any info or opinions to assuage my concerns please chip in.


A SME IV would be better, significantly better than a 310. Other choices depend on the amount of space under the lid.