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Thanks Bob. Do you recommend the IV in preference to the V?


Sorry I don’t have any other opinion other than I’d want the PUA-9 because matching Sony reasons :slightly_smiling_face:

Problem is, we’re in the realm of taste and preference rather than absolutes. As Bob points out a IV or V could sound better than the 310, but it really depends on your cart and your ears. I’ve had both on different decks and they were a solid choice but ultimately left me a bit cold - to my ears you need a dynamic and colourful cart matched with them to sound any good, but ymmv etc.


No insight on the arm to offer other than I’d be concerned about its state of service and integrity of internal connections given its age.

What I can say for sure is that TT lids make wonderful microphones and you’re better-off removing it when playing music if humanly possible (E&OE re. unruly children and pets rattling about the place).

If the deck and arm are contemporary, it would be odd if they are not fully compatible.


I have both and there is sod all difference between a IV and a V. I prefer the cost and look of the IV.


Yes the force is strong in that regard.

Reviews I read prior to purchase of the Sony and SME agree with you suggesting they can both be a bit matter of fact which is why I went for the Kiseki.

Two cats that are prone to fisticuffs mean that I won’t be without a lid.


Good to know. Thanks. You’ve probably saved me a good few quid.


That’s the second time someone’s been wrong about arms on here this week, I hope it’s not contagious. :grin:


Bob’s always wrong about HiFi. We’re used to it.


Fuck off, he knows the price of everything!


Oscar Wilde must have known Bob in a previous life.


these might be worth a punt



These popular here?


These might be the ones Kevin already has in the showroom at Long Eaton. Lovely things.


Lovely, no price, one for the cockpunching thread…


There’s some bloke who makes front loaded horn subs similar to Labs for £275, be a good combo


I thought you might be sniffing round those Mark?


Only one very expensive bathroom conversion is stopping me :confused:


Just bathe in the glorious sounds!



Midland Audio exchange I believe. If I could P/X my SME 20/2a for it without having to find additional cash I could be interested I have to admit.