eBay stuff


Prog special.



Audio Note Ruthy 5


Those are a few shekels.


Fuck me (optional), how many shekels ?


Fucking ugly too.:face_vomiting:


Definitive have a pair for sale. £15k from memory


Misplaced zero then




Yehbut, are they any good?


Probably not.


Pile of plastic shite is back again.


Interesting, not for me as I don’t have 25 big ones to splash on speakers. At this money, I would go Magico.


“majestic if slightly intimidating behemoths”



How is that an oxymoron? Seems like more of a tautology to me.


a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).

the saying of the same thing twice over in different words, generally considered to be a fault of style (e.g. they arrived one after the other in succession ).
synonyms: repetition, repetitiveness, repetitiousness, reiteration, redundancy, superfluity, periphrasis, iteration, duplication; More
a phrase or expression in which the same thing is said twice in different words.
plural noun: tautologies
a statement that is true by necessity or by virtue of its logical form.


What does Danny Dyer say about it?


some lovely lockwoods here


Erm maybe. Wrong sized drivers in the cabs and wrong vintage. No mention of which crossover, not sure I would pay 2.5 big ones or anything near


Cheap entry to the Kondo mafia (rrp about £22k)


Zouch Audio have one but want £12k