eBay stuff


They also have a REF 5SE at a very decent price. I’ve been avoiding that site for weeks so thanks for reminding me of it :angry:


It is a great site and generally the prices are very sensible, even cheap.


‘Cheap’ being a relative term :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I currently own three sets of Class A pwr amps and a variety of pre-amps that need thinning out. So feck off with the temptation there’s a good chap…:angry:

I’ve also got another set of, as yet unpaid for, monos in a meat wagon near Wigan…FTW.


The Nagra DAC / PRE (including an analogue input) looks nice.


Oh fuck that’s tempting, unfortunately HMRC are about to get all my money :disappointed_relieved:


You muggin’ me off, treacle?


Very tempting, but it is the gateway amp to destitution.


I’m off to Holland for my jollies in about 4 weeks, so could perchance think about maybe picking this up for a fellow meat man…


That is very nice of you Rob. Please feck off though you enabler.



For @htm_1968


Half a tonne!!

Used for ten hours and returned? Who does that!


One of the great otl’s. If the Valvets hadn’t been so top-notch, I’d be very very interested in them.


Chris, Smeagol had one, really lovely amp.


Not bad value, needs checking it all works as the seller is a muppet.

Same muppet has a pair of ECS mono’s he bought for £1180 and he now wants £3.5K for, so if you are after these you know his margin.


Know the feeling !!


That is a very cheap price for a 5 se ,lovely pre amp . Miss mine


I owned the slightly bigger version (4 bass units per side), wonderful mid/top and bass a bit weak. That is how I got into subs. Used them for about 8 years.


Yep - traded mine for Ref Anniversary but still think the 5SE was special.


The complicated volume switching and it’s unreliability puts me off them tbh.