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I heard of someone that did that and then promptly moved house.


All the best choices, me. I could have been divorced, living in a draughty flat but with Lowther Audiovectors & an old broadcast turntable if only I’d played my cards right.


Heard this system, inc Zanden pre and cdp. Spectacular, one of those rare systems that covered all bases and didn’t need to played loud to give you that being there feel. Magic with classical. More spendy than Aesthetix mind…



I’m sure I saw a pair of these in a nightclub in Spain. It was in 1985 near Lloret del Mar. I was on Club 18-30s holiday. Interesting times.



You’ve mentioned this before, and I’ve called you a silly sausage before because of it, but I think it bears repeating.

You silly sausage.


Thanks for the kind offer but i live way down south by the sea,so its a bit of a hike.Thanks all the same.Will maybe give Kevin a call this week and see what he says.


I sdill have regrets about it despite the degree to which it was impractical at the time.


Ta Olan.

@Spenagio - you’re welcome to try these in your own system, no obligation. You will be surprised how much drive these have!


Cheers, last thing I tried as an alternative to the Job 225 was a couple of Aleph 60 watt monos. Desperately wanted them to work but they couldn’t power my speakers.
Give it 6 months I’ll be looking at horns anyway :roll_eyes:


You need to change speakers, not amps


yay! :heart_eyes:


There’s a guy on pfm who should be selling his Avantgarde Uno’s soon as he’s moving to Asia.


Or sit closer :slight_smile:


Believe me it was my first thought. Wife already thinks I change speakers more often than underpants. I think that’s pretty normal?


What have you got at the moment?


Spendor S8e.
Let the stoning commence


Why, do you need to spark up a little number to make them sound good? :wink:


Well, when the question is speakers, the answer is horns :smile:

The MA-5s I’ve got will drive those Spendors no problem. What you get with these though is a lovely class A sound.


No idea why you think you need a lot of power with 89db speakers. 20 watts is probably plenty.