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The sensitivity of mine is moot as they are active and they’re definitely not two ways…

They also have monitoring of the temperature of each drive unit and can adjust output accordingly.


Right like I said above, everything was framed within the context of Spendor S8es. Just hooking them up to a gazzilion watts won’t do anything when you arnt using them.

That isn’t to to say high powered amps don’t sound good, but it’s nothing to do with the power. They usually double down into 4 ohms, have lots of output devices in parallel for low output impedance/high damping factor and usually are nice and heavy in a pretty case (the important bit).


Just down the road from me, no idea if they are any good though…


Oooooh, Monster cable :unamused:


Fuck you, that stuff is worth £hundreds when new. Fool.


What the fuck?!


Never understood why one particular reviewer always bigged them up massively. (oh yes of course there could be a reason for that!)



Is that the same twat who has been trying to sell the fucked up Linn/Naim system for £35K for at least 4 years? :rofl:


That’s the one. You can have a chat with him if you like, for only 2.99 of your pounds !


Could even be worth it, just for a wind up :smile:


How long do you think you can get the £2.99 to last, I was thinking at least two hours.


He gives his mobile number in the advert, you can troll him for as long as you want, for free (within the fair use policy of your mobile contract).


If you have a pair of Extremas, buy these.


Err…this, singular.


Click quantity = 2 for stereo.


Ah, didn’t spot that. I’ll get me coat :roll_eyes:


Absolute Sounds charge about £2K per bass unit, so these are a fucking steal.


OK who got the shiny Zanden? I was outbid.


You were outsniped?? :scream::scream:


Yep, the good thing about using it is that you set yourself a limit. Still prob cheap, but beyond what I was prepared to pay at the moment and it doesn’t have remote control, which is a bad thing in my book.