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Just look at the bargains - Real Formica only £4000. Or just sit on this flammable foam death chair only £599+ delivery, we’ve got it all going on at the Pompey Center not just for today but maybe tomorrow. Don’t wait my Italian vans will be stuck at the port for Months Soon - Hoorayyy! - We’re not like the big stores - We’ve got real shit - Right Now - That’s right get yourself down to the Pompey center and buy a record player you’ll never use and a tape machine to complicated for NASA - We’ve got it all - And you can afford it today.


Always liked the look of these.


I seem to recall @Tons_of_fun being a big fan if one still needs to play physical CDs.


Yes- very nice piece of kit. No digital inputs on the original which might put some people off.


Me too. I’ve been lusting after one recently, and the amp.


Go for the S2100 then.


Another fan here. The CD tray is a thing of wonder, being a machined chunk of metal with a divinely smooth action. I should probably never own one as I’d wear out the mechanism by just operating it in and out all day.

Frankly, it’s second only to the Naim CD-555 in terms of loading mechanism magnificence.

Oh, and it’s a fine player too, which is a handy bonus.


Google images popped up same pics in Auction in August, coincidence or scam?


Don’t know, but my resistance has won the day.


I really, really wanted to like Eggleston Works speakers as they looked my sort of speaker. But, having heard two pairs, they are shit, I was somewhat crestfallen.


I still think this generation of Art coffins sound infinitely better than the newer stuff, which sounds like a load of spare drive units in a wardrobe to me. These are too high a price and the wrong colour, but I bet they sound wonderful. I would take these over a hell of a lot of speakers.


They’re OK but not as good as LVs.


Troll alert. :scream:




For the blind, or to match your Lamborghini?


Just put my AN arm 3 on Ebay, let me know if anyone might be interested here, happy to let it go for what I paid which was £1000, I bought it from Dom a few years ago.


Nice arm, have one on my Acoustic Solid TT. GLWTS.


Interesting design…


At least a grand too much though.