eBay stuff


That has been for sale on eBay for well over a year now.


I think it’s the one I posted ages ago. IIRC it was more like £2.4k then. It’s still at the higher end of the price range, but it looks in remarkable condition.

Great deck, I love mine.


I did think about it when I got the PT1 but it’s collection only and probably 13-14 hours round trip for me.

Good thing I’m happy with the SP10 (for now)


Possibly the cheapest compelling reason to own a R2R yet. Mono Let it Be, the only format it has ever been released on. It’s still only a mix down of the original stereo though.


Cheapest you say?


Yeah maybe not, that shot up in price :upside_down_face:


How much was it when you posted?


Can’t remember but it was 2.35 when I first saw it. I think :thinking:
Still a nice thing to have.


It was 72 I think.


Because paying lots for stuff you can find on youtube is a brilliant idea.


That’s a good price and a seller on eBay does replacement lids for about £200.




anyone feel like fixing this beauty ? apparently been with absolute sounds for a year


I cannot imagine what is going on there.
Audio Research are very helpful, and I am sure they will provide a schematic and parts list.
Anyone can fix it then.
That is bullshit about the power supply, and 220v. I spoke to them about that, and they use the same power supply, for anywhere in the world. The tolerance is available in the transformer and circuit.


thanks gregg


Not my experience, but then I am only a sample of one. I had a Ref 110 amp with a buzzing mains transformer - jeez the money that AR and then Abs Sounds wanted for a replacement (£500) and then the same again to fit it. I was told by the engineer that inspected by amp that the cost of that component was about £75.

The failure rates on Ref 3 and 5s does seem to be high.


Barge pole.


I owned a Ref 3, imported from the states.
I contacted Audio Research about the conversion, and they said it was dead easy, which it was, and gave me the info about the power supply.
They also supplied me with the schematics and the parts list, knowing that the importers official repairer would not touch it.
I never had any trouble with it, and neither has the new owner.


Actually you might be surprised. When I asked them for info about a different AR pre I was repairing they said that they had appointed a UK service agent for their products (Absolute Sounds) and it wouldn’t be fair on them for AR to support their competitors. They were nice and polite about it, but uncompromising. The pre I worked on also contained solid-state parts, now obsolete, which had been pre-selected and very tightly matched by AR. They were prepared to sell sets of them to me via Absolute Sounds but the price was more than my customer would bear. In the end I tracked them down online and built my own matching rig for them. They were SMD chips and making temporary connections to them was a bitch of a job.



I know these things happen. I had it happen over a Magnum Dynalab tuner. All the official information went via their importer, who was being an ass. When I phoned Magnum Dynalab direct, I spoke to the boss, and he was very annoyed with what was happening, and sent me the necessary parts, for free, and I repaired it myself.
If they have to sell parts via the importer, they will cost a fortune.
Sometimes some well placed phoned calls, can work wonders.
I just speak as I found.