eBay stuff


Why are the photos always shit on that site ?


because people keep posting the fucking mobile links.




Looks a bit expensive, but you don’t see many around with the power supply and the acrylic platter. No arm.

Basically a AN TT1 without the humming motors.


New discounted.


I have to say, whilst the Consonsnce turntables are certainly pretty good, the arms are outstanding and very under-rated IMHO.


That seller has a lot of their arms for sale as well.


I think that’s a fake ad as he’s using an emporium hifi photo (usual velvet curtains as the background) but the seller is in portugal.

I thought the systemdek iix sounded better than the AN TT1.


Could be.

I am not a fan of AN TT1 and TT3 turntables. The ones I have heard all hum and sound bass light. When you move a MC over the motor you get feedback hum. The Systemdek TTs all sound pretty good. My Systemdek II with a Linn LVX and Cartridge Man cart sounds amazingly good for the money and the fact that the LVX is shit.


That’s ‘cos he’s the UK importer!


He has the turntable and arm for sale, cheaper than the arm by itself!


It seemed good value to me as a new TT.


I bought a Consonance deck and arm from JB - It was very good it’s now with a mate.
This is a bare bones version but looks great value. Tempting


That moving iron Cartridge Man cart also picked up motor hum on my Voyd.

You blame the deck, I blame the cart, as all the MM and MC types I have tried have been fine


Notorious for hum on Garrards too.


It was an AT MC, never had one hum before. On the TT3 it was a MM.

Hummed when it moved over one of the motors.

I have not had an issue with hum on my Cartridge Man cart on the Systemdek II or Rock II I have used it on.



Not as good as my SL-7


Yep, that’s gonna happen :joy:


Looking at his feedback he did buy something from Emporium over a year ago. He’s also bought a lot of hifi stuff.