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How d’you mean?


Yes, the eBay unit does not have the chassis cut bottom right for the vertical strobe light. This was designed to shine through a strobe cut top platter (No full BBC console unit had a strobe platter they were non strobe with a felt ring) It is also possible to note the central fascia plate is screwed in. No stock Garrard 301 had this, the fascia plates are originally secured by dome top tubular rivets. The eBay unit does seem to have the chassis drilled in the correct place for the raisers.
Here is an example of an RP2/1 decommissioned:

Here is my RP2/1

Here is an example of a DRD5

Here is my DRD5 and a couple of manual pics



I know there is not much love for MA on here, but I actually quite like these and they are £500 cheaper than they should be. Bargain for somebody.




Needs valves not horrible bright SS or class D shit


So they’re horrible and bright and don’t work with a neutral amplifier? Sounds like MA alright.


No different to a lot of speakers.


Yep, they will be a marmite speaker, but they are not like a typical pair of MA speakers would have been in the past. I had a pair of these as a stop-gap, and although they were ultimately not for me, they are pretty decent, and certainly not ear splitters. And they look lovely also ( probably with grilles on though ! ).


Well, I like them - I think they’re lovely speakers. It’s just that I’d just hold out for a pair of PL500IIs, personally.


Now £2K :scream:


now sold i believe


Time warp Tannoy Reds in corner Yorks.


Anybody fancy a whole loada trouble ?


The speed and start buttons are blanked off on that version and it’s useless without the big black box. Trouble is the right word.


My friend sold these to this chap. I went to check them over and they are very clean.


Hell, yes - I like that!

Even better, the power supply hum only needs a few capacitors to cure - superb! I bet if you put enough foo quality items in, it would even grow a new cartridge.

As an aside, talking of Technics, it’s not eBay but this little lot is rendering me a drooling wreck…



Err, 229,000 Euros… nup.



Obvious scam - surely it’s true value must be more than that crappy vintage Technics bundle posted earlier.


Love the name of these