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He does seem to be taking the piss recently, he’s also selling an OL Calypso for £1600 and they are only £2k list.


I’m not really suggesting that Emporium are over pricing it, I’ve never sen a SH one for sale. More a case of Kondo pricing being reflected in SH values


I did hear a CFz. It is still unmistakeably a Kondo product. They obviously have some nice fine core material for the laminations & they also know how to wind nice SUTs. It seems that the old S6 & S7’s are fetching £2-3K now so its not an insane price although it does seem a lot when I think I paid £180 for a pair of loose S6 transformers. But that was about 10 years ago.


Also tried a CFz. Thought it was a bit m’eh.


Definitive have an SFz for sale



I call upon Nob-San to make us an affordable version.





I can see why it’s rare.:flushed:


I think I like it but not 100% sure on it though. I am looking for a turntable…


It would make an excellent door stop :grinning:


Not really concrete though, is it. More like coarse sand/resin composite. :thinking:


Does it meet building regs and come with planning permission, if not might have to report it to the council. :grinning:


What sort of record player are you after? Budget?


Around £2k but not really ready to buy just yet. Was planning on a Trans-Fi Salvation but he’s not doing them anymore so looking around. No real type though I always like the look of a massive platter.


What, no more transfi, what happened? I always fancied a salvation seem to be excellent value, perhaps too excellent :thinking:


From his site:

October 2016: Sold my last Salvation this month. With regret I have no more parts to make any more and my regular machinist has retired. Not sure I have the motivation to find another machinist and teach him what is necessary to produce a platter…so I have suspended production.

Information will remain on my website for reference and Terminator production will continue as normal.


That is a real shame. There’s a nice battery PT Anniversary on eBay, the opposite of a big plattered behemoth, but a might fine record player.


Yeah, I’ve seen that. I’ll see what’s available when I come to pull the trigger, I just thought a lower offer on the Thorens might be worth a gamble (as I doubt many have heard that).