Edd’s February 16th Bake Off Thread


Really enjoyed Edd’s system. It’s sense of ease with dynamics and proper bass were a treat :slight_smile:


Thanks Edd and Zoe. Really enjoyed the day and the system sounded great and we were spoilt for choice with the food. Loved the lasagne, Robs Pavlov’s and the lemon cake was epic!


Many Thanks to Edd and Zoe for wonderful hosting. Loved the salads and the lasagne, great to chat to new faces and old friends.

Thanks to Mike for the lift and hope you enjoy the Doge amps.




I had salad seconds. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Cracking day. Thank you both for allowing us to indulge ourselves.


Huge thanks to Edd & Zoe for a brill day.

Super lasagna with a hint of fennel was delish, the usual array of cakes including Gregg’s superb brownies and Robpav…oh, and the pork pie filling was sublime :wink:

System was sounding great, fantastic resolution with stunning fully textured bass :heart_eyes:

Special thanks to Zoe for imparting loads of valuable local knowledge which will assist with our house moving search. :+1:

Nice one!


You could do far worse than avoiding Boston.


Yes, after hearing what you had to say Craig, Boston is now off the list…cheers for that :+1:


Did it have rounded bass feel?


Had loads of fun, thanks Edd.

And got free beanz :partying_face: Thanks for faffing, by the way. Enjoyed the pour-over action.


Thanks for coming everyone, great day, very relaxed.


Just got home, thank you both for looking after us all so well.
Had a great time and was good to find out who some of the AA rabble are.


Sorry I missed your bake-off Ed because I would love to have heard your system, it just looks right.


I was saying to folk yesterday that I was surprised you weren’t there…

…mind you, I suppose it’s a very long way to drive…:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s because my new car Jim, the seats are not the best but I have bought a cushion now and added black wheels. And also I am on a diet and temptation would be to much.


Change the car Dave, a sports car would be more your style. Life’s too short and all that.


VW group seats are complete crap, get something like a Focus or a Volvo C30


Fantastic get together, had to stop myself after the 3rd helping of lasagna, that coleslaw was also knockout.

Brilliant day and thanks for the lovely breakfast this morning :metal:


There was a C30 at the dealer I bought my Citigo from. In Stockport.