Edd's magnificant speaker build

I am downsizing my system, so have an integrated, streamer, Dac, TT. I wanted to use two way standmounts, so @edd9000 suggested I find a DIY build, and he would build them.
I did a lot of reading and discussing with Edd, and decided to go with these.
The basic box is a rectangle, made from 25 mm MDF. We decided to do the optional 50mm sloped and faceted baffle.
Edd likes Corian, so decided to use three 12mm pieces, glued together. All the faceting was done on Edd’s CNC machine (many hours) . The sides, top, and bottom ate 21mm furniture grade Birch ply, and the back is a material called Richlite, 25mm, very expensive.
We managed to get all the materials at a very, very good price, as I found someone who used all those materials, and had useable size scraps.
Edd has done all the work, and I just supplied the the materials, drivers, and crossover components.
As I didn’t want to do external xover boxes, with the extra cables and connectors needed, I suggested maybe we could mount them on the outside of the cabinet.
Edd did some searching, and found a tidy way to do it. He extended the sides of the cabinet, mounted them on the back, and used a false back to hide them.
Will post a few pictures, of progress.
I have not heard them, but Edd seems to be impressed.
Looking forward to collecting them, after lockdown.
The designer, Jeff Bagsby was very highly thought of in the DIY community, but unfortunately, he recently passed away.





Interesting choice of build Gregg. They look lovely.

Are these replacing the Magico in your bespoke listening room Greg?

Everything currently in there, is going to be sold.


HundKistas :grinning:

Well as a long time user of high class standmounts I’m sure you won’t miss the Magicos too much.

I had the A1 here for a month. It might well be the best built anything I’ve ever interacted with. They did do some impressive things but they were a bit joyless. The Titans here at the moment are a better speaker.

Also a bonus; if Gregg blows an Edd speaker, he doesn’t have to ship it back to San Francisco at his expense to be put back together again.

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What amplification do plan on using with these interesting little beasts, Gregg?

Can’t fault my Transmission Audio’s, tbh.


Good write up Gregg. :+1:
I see Edd had quite a lot of input into the build, did he suggest the thread title as well? :grin:

I have a Hegel 160 for now. Will see how it works out, when I get them here.

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Gonna need some current up 'em - but that’s no biggy - give us a shout when you visit and I’ll nip over for an earwig :ok_hand:

They look nice - hope to be able to hear them some time

How are you going to finish the enclosures? Veneer or some finish on the ply?

Just the way you see them. Edd has put a few coats of Danish oil on them. That is the way they will stay. The Corian baffles are unpolished, and they will stay that way.



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