Edifier S3000 Pro active speakers

Not sure about this, because I know that when I downsize I will be buying another pair.

In a word, brilliant !

USB, Opt, Coax, Balanced, RCA inputs. Hi Res, Bluetooth 5 with AptX, 6.5" Bass drivers, Planar diaphragm tweeters, wireless connectivity between speakers, 256W RMS (120W Bass, 8W Treble) output.

Library image

Bought new by me, new, Jan 2021, worked absolutely faultlessly ever since.

Original boxes, remote etc, so can be couriered, but they are bloody heavy.

For the sake of full disclosure, there is a very low level, high pitched whistle (I have to listen for it, with no music on, sitting 6 feet away) on the analogue inputs for the first 15 / 20 minutes after switch on.

No chance of hearing it if you are playing music, so it’s never bothered me, but just so you know.

How does £400 delivered sound ?

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They look nice :+1:

For what they are Adam, they are, frankly, amazing things.

I’m kinda tempted to get them for the boy, but I know he wouldn’t thank me!

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I would :grinning:

They look fab!

No interest ?

Now SOLD thanks !

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