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Presumptuous of me to start this thread I know, but I swear there used to be one, and I can’t find it now, so I can only assume that it was lost in the Great Fire of 16. Mods please merge if I’ve made a mistake and a similar thread actually exists.

Anyhow, here’s the latest Resident Advisor podcast, this time from Fabric resident Craig Richards.

I’m liking what I’ve heard so far.

If you want to download* it, do so quickly because they’re usually only up for a few weeks.

* I think you need to have an RA account to download, but membership costs nothing


Ott’s Mir on vinyl - a kickstarter project already way oversubscribed, but hey ho, it’s a nice problem to have.

TBH I never really got into Mir. Skylon was much better IMO, but it’s just a matter of taste.

Ooops, I hope @Nick_Dartmoor doesn’t report me to His Ottship :smile:

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If you sign up for the email shot you can download their nw comp for nowt :thumbsup:

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This really is very good IMO

One half of the Fuck Buttons team if I recall correctly. Should be good, I’ll shove it on the list of things to listen to.

He is indeed a Fuck Button.

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I had the amazing good fortune to hear an entire set from Nicola Cruz at Beloved festival in Oregon, this summer. I had never heard of him, and was just there because we had played earlier, and I was hanging out. He was superb. A really special discovery for me. Highly original.

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Good to hear from you, thanks. :+1:

Finding these video mixtapes rewarding too.


Hooray! Morning made.

Three days at Glastonbury this year.


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Favourite from his soundcloud sessions.

New discovery, for me at least


Quite like this version.

More of the Latin stuff that perks my ears.

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