Elvis Presley had taste in turntables

Today we went to Graceland. It was a very good day out. Graceland is essentially a massive man cave. He liked to play and had some awesome toys.
In the archive section I found this. Apparently he owned an SP10.


Looks like a Mk1 ? I’m wondering if that’s the 10" SME too.


On reflection, I think they only produced their 10" arm for the MkII

It was a mki
And very well looked after.
Looked like a shure cartridge

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Looks like you’re having a great trip. Enjoy the rest of it. :+1:

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i passed a house yersterday with a prominent sign name Graceland , would love to have been inside

Fantastic mate, not jealous at all one bit :wink:

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I went to Graceland about six years ago and didn’t see the Technics then. Did you see the big stack of Crown equipment in his studio?

I wonder if he would have had something a bit more bliing, had he still been alive and buying TTs

You’d think he would have had an EMT banana arm

Sound burger, surely?


I want the telephones.