Emia LCR phono stage

Came across the names Jeffrey Jackson and Dave Slagle via a blog and see that they were making an LCR based phono under the name Emia. Apparently it is the innards from the very expensive Experience Music Kahn

Has anyone heard one?


It’s not LCR AFAIK. I’ve not heard it, but it’ll warrant its very, very good.

Dave and Jeffrey are friends, and Dave makes the inductors for my phono stages I build (currently doing a fully pimped one one for Chelseadave and Jim is next) I also use Dave’s transformers for amps I build, because I consider them as good as it gets.

Ah, interesting how long is the waiting list?

His blog his really good, especially the WE 16a horns they did.

Heh, I was talking to Jeffrey at ETF last year about the 16A build as I’d just got mine. Turns out when the guy in Korea started making them Jeffrey ended up getting one of his as he couldn’t compete for the price. The Korean one is essentially identical, even the WE Mafia accept its a faithful copy.

If you mean my waiting list then probably about a year at my currently totprtise like rate! The next one should be quicker unless Jim wants different casework. It’s similar to the build I did for Matt, (that is on the 'wam) which Jim now owns (he wants a balanced version), but in a more spacious case and with output transformers and going pretty much all out on components - AN silver tantalum and Vishay foil resistors, Duelund caps, Lundahl/Sowter PSU iron, Slagle inductors and transformers. Not quite cost no object, but close.