Emporium HiFi

Anyone had experience dealing with Emporium HiFi? I only ask as i have sent three messages via ebay about an amplifier he/they have for sale and as yet not received a reply. I am cautious therefore to actually buy the amplifier.

Dealt with them lots of times, some good and some bad. All the problems have been sorted though. He shifts a lot of kit and rarely checks if it works but again if there’s a problem he will either fix it or refund you.

Call them as they can be slow at answering emails, much easier to haggle with them over the phone as well.

I have no issues with them but others don’t like Nick’s somewhat scratchy personality, just don’t expect a tea and biscuits experience you’d get from someone like Kev at definitive.


I’ve also bought a few bits over the years from them. Never had any problems. They offer decent trade-in values and are willing to be flexible on price.

Bought a couple of bits.
One I kept getting no reply via email so contacted the Wales branch who got it sorted straight away.
As mentioned above,probably best to ring

Bought my tannoys from them a couple of years ago, no problems, quick comms and perfect shipping.

Bought my Pass Labs pre and monos from them. I had no issues with the deal. They shifted on price and took some kit from me in P/X at very fair prices. They also delivered the Pass Labs gear and collected my stuff via a very nice chap indeed who was very helpful in shifting very, very heavy gear about.

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Bought from them twice - no issues.

Definitely phone if you are serious.

Bought my very clean early Audio Innovations Series 500 Integrated Valve Amplifier from their Kent branch back in 2019.

Straight talking and helpful; amp’ still works arrived on time and was extremely well packaged .


I’ve bought loads of stuff from Nick and still would if he had something I wanted. I don’t look much these days though.

Don’t take much notice of his spelling, grammar, blunt communication etc, etc. He is actually very helpful and I think just wishes to filter out, as much as possible, the people who fuck about. If you want to buy something, he will always be helpful. Sometimes he has stuff that isn’t perfect but will always take it back or repair it/discount if you aren’t happy. I found he would send me things to try a with no obligation, once I became a customer. I could send it back or keep it and more than once I kept something and had to remind him that I owed him for it. One time, a couple of years later! He is honest.

I actually owe him for the hobby really because discovering his little shop in Diss when he was mostly selling records was my entry into proper hifi and my system(s) developed as his inventory did. He introduced me to the true insanity of horns and encouraged the madness. He’s nuts but I like that. :grin:


I’ve found him very helpful and have bought and sold items with no problems. He never quibbles about small stuff, just wants to shift stock and will sort any issues in my experience.

He needs to be punished then

Just to add to the chorus, IME deal with them direct and not via thiefbay, and you’ll have better comms and keener prices.

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Many thanks all

Bought something off the Emporium eBay shop
Waited a week nothing. Just received a message from eBay cancelling the transaction no further explanation,why am I not surprised :roll_eyes: