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While politicians are dicking about, the energy companies come up with a plan


It sounds ‘reasonable’ but I suspect we’ll get hit with the interest etc so it’ll cost us a lot of money. I don’t see them volunteering to tap their shareholders for more capital, or reverse share buybacks - or basically share any of the pain.

And since all the upstream suppliers (shell, aramco, bp etc) are making record profits, prices are obviously unnecessarily high and there is plenty of room for reduction somewhere along the line.

All that you said is true,
But you know who pays for everything in the end, if it keeps people from going into (more) debt and crashing their credit rating with bounced direct debits etc then it has to be better than anything suggested so far by the politicians.

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it’s a better answer to the wrong question. But it is better

We are now a gas free house, the meter has been disconnected. Have that, Putin.


We will never have a gas free house :joy:

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Apart from the 45% or so of your gas-generated electricity, flawless logic.


I think that very much counts as a renewable resource.

But when the Ripple scheme comes on stream all of our electrons will only come directly from our personal bit of a wind turbine obviously.

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Ok, so according to this:

“If you’re on a fixed tariff at a higher rate caused by recent energy price rises, your unit prices will be reduced by 17p/kWh for electricity and 4.2p/kWh for gas.”

My fixed tariff is 18.41p for electricity and 3.457p for gas. Sadly I suspect that the “at a higher rate” clause will mean I won’t get almost free electricity and be paid to heat my house, but it’s nice to dream!

In which Ripple Energy are still trying to work out what is going on as well.

Where there’s a will…

BBC News - Germany nationalises gas giant amid energy crisis


Why is petrol £1.22 a litre in Croatia and Diesel £1.50?

Possibly because their government doesn’t want to rinse their citizens.

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Exchange rate and tax levels?

'cause Tory cunts, innit.

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Speaking of which

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Does the gov really think that? Build a whole new infrastructure for hydrogen gas? What a fucking stupid idea.

The future is obviously electric, with heat pumps, induction hobs etc. The point of hydrogen is as a storage medium in industrial areas by the coast to store power from offshore wind.

A foreign country for Mogg.

As an aside, I have just attempted to set up thr timer on our heat pump to have a bit of a boost during the Octopus Go cheaper hours.