Entire Naim + B&W system

I know this is probably the worst possible place to list this, but I’m not a member on PFM, so selling there isn’t an option. I’m selling all this on behalf of a friend of mine, who inherited it from his uncle. I’ve been round, set everything up and confirmed it’s all working. It’s clearly all been very well looked after, and in immaculate condition. Monkey boy here forgot to take any photos at the time, but they can be obtained if required. All of these pieces come with original boxes and manuals.

B&W 803 D2 - £4000

NAP 300 + 300PS - £2400

CDS 3 - £1500

Olive XPS - £500

NAC82 - £sold

Hicap - £300

SXPS cable - £100

VPI HW 16.5 - £200

Linn Sondek + Akito + K9 (x4) - £800

There’s also various other cables, including a pair of potentially 10m lengths of NAC A5 (terminated) and a load of SNAICS and other power cables, I just need to confirm exactly what’s what.

EDIT: Prices reduced before we go to the dreaded eBay.

Photo dump incoming. There’s also a Linn Sondek + Akito + K9 (about 5 K9s for some reason).

I’m actually interested in the Linn Sondek that you mention - assuming this will be for sale, how much would you be asking? Further info would be much appreciated E.g. serial number of deck.

Hi Alan, here’s a photo showing the serial number of the deck. Need to get a bit more info on pricing:

Updated the price of the NAP300 as it’s not the DR version. Thanks to @omsoc for the heads up.

Ditto for the VPI.

Also interested in the Linn, though from the first pic it looks like the cartridge will be trashed unless there is a guard on it.

Best regards

Yeah, the current cartridge is almost certainly shot, but there are about 4-5 identical cartridges in there with it

Hi, I’m interested in the 803 D3’s. Do you have any pictures & where are the speakers based? Thanks

I’m just getting photos of the speakers, might have a single shot from when we were testing. They’re certainly in immaculate condition. Good point re location, they’re all based in Wrexham at the moment.

Hi, don’t worry about the photos as I am happy with your description of them. I really just wanted to see which colour they were. Do you know when they are available & do I need to communicate with the seller for offers etc. Thanks

I think they’re the cherry finish. Pricing etc can go through me, and I’ll confirm with the chap selling if that’s ok? Where abouts are you based?

Just realised I’ve mistyped, these are D2 not D3, sorry

Hi, no problem.

Do you have a price for the LP12 yet please?


Sorry this has taken a while, I think we’re looking at about £1,000 all in, including the arm and spare cartridges etc.

Are those spare cartridges all used, or new? Boxed?


Brand new still in their boxes.