Esoteric sa10 anyone got one?

Anyone got an sa 10 and a 3D printer, very long shot I know but I have a broken plastic part

If it’s a gear wheel they don’t tend to be that suitable for 3D printing, a combination of resolution and brittleness. A lot of the plastic printers don’t have the resolution to print a small cog. A resin printer might be able to print finely enough but the resin can be brittle. You can get tougher resin, but it’s expensive.

Funnily enough, someone on PFM asked the same question the other day, for the same machine.

Didn’t spot that, Mike has my esoteric with the broken part

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Mike Powell in Bolton got me some replacement metal gear wheels for my Teac T1. Some chap in Poland makes them… Might be worth a try.


Fab repair by Mike p in Sheffield from pfm, really went above and beyond and it’s working fabulously now, sadly the esoteric p30 was also fixed by Mike and it is (to my ears at least) better than the sa10 with the dad discreet dac which is no big surprise but means the SA 10 is now for sale fully fettled and ready to go

I had this from new so sad to say goodbye but hey the other one is better

Thanks for all who contributed ideas

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