ETF France 2018


Dinky little Sony DD sporting a Schick 12" arm .


Looks a great location.


Note to self to get a copy of this. Sounding great on the mono system.


Haha, is that a roll of solder being used as a record weight?


you can bet it’s good old leaded solder as well.


Yes someone mislaid the proper weight .
The bits in front are various Slagle home made cartridges, some with field coils


The turntable is uncouth


Is that record going to be easy to find?


Post lunch wander round the village. Some beautiful buildings and an amazing Chocolatier.

Assembling serious confectionery.

Will return tomorrow with funds.



Yes, it’s a compilation


Like the mouse.


Tape pron. Look at the occasion and the line up. Frank Schroeder got this from the estate of an engineer who worked for US radio in Berlin.


Take it.


I don’t think Guy drove in a big enough articulated lorry for all the stuff you want nicking!


All the tape.


I bidded up to 200 Euro for the Nak1000 zxl in the auction. Missed out but didn’t know how high it would go. But it stopped there so perhaps only just missed out. Wasn’t sure how high Rob wanted to go. I suspect it was worth a good deal more. Shame.


Very cheap


Yes it was minty with all packaging and manuals.


They go for about a grand. You judged the size of my slush fund just about right guy, cheers.