ETF France 2018


I’ll drop further pics here as don’t want to clutter the what I’ve been doing thread.


You need only ask and the thread Womble, Great Uncle Bulgaria, will come and tidy it up for you.


Hoos dat den?:thinking:




I always enjoy reading about this.
It looks to be a fascinating event.
(How sad does that make me… :thinking:)


Of all the things that make you look sad that is fairly low down the list.


Hopefully it is long and undistinguished. :grin:




One of the nice things about this event is people turning up with the most fantastic foodstuffs.

Here a brie and charcuterie selection

A big box of 2 track 15 IPS 'safety" masters from a record cutting studio in Switzerland.

Nose cone speakers

Vitavox bits

Glowy danger

More tapes


Is Pete there and who did the driving?


Pete is here but we couldn’t risk pitting him against the gendarmerie again.Off to look at Slagle & Jeff Jackson’s WE based mono nonsense .


Take them, by force.


You mean Pierre.


Someone already did. 300 Euros. But they were the pancake type. Would’ve needed to be put on to spools for you to play them.



300 euros! Want. Take them, by force.


Should we shorten this horn?

Slagle badgering stuff

Coming together

Crowd gathering in the main hall


Is that a Meat-man wasting away at the back of the queue for the buffet? For the love of God, let him through!


He was probably at the front of the queue and is now going back for seconds before most of them have had their first serving.


Is there a theme for the competition creations this year?


When the lights go out Stronzetto will reveal his latest party trick for the technically minded.