ETF France 2018


a well prepared beef tongue (along with cheeks) is one of the paramounts of french cuisine, i think they did it out of respect for the guests


I’m sure it was well prepared but it’s certainly an acquired taste. The organiser had obviously arranged with the caterers to give as much authentic Normandy cuisine as possible.



Would that be his Tubesociety amp with a mu-follower ECC81 for the input/driver?


That’s the one. Sounded great. Considering how massive & ambitious some of the efforts were it was quite surprising.


Actually looking at the link that isn’t quite what he described to me. 1st stage was an 81 with ccs and second stage a cathode follower also with ccs. I think he said this one had Guido’s modules on the 300B filaments and some kind of clever SS regulated ht supply. His own toroidal opts. Whatever, it sounded good. Well balanced at both ends & without the excessive rosiness some of the entrants displayed.

EDIT : looking at the notes, maybe the arrangement in the red circle


hah, the above linked schematics has no right to sound that good :slight_smile:


It’s alright for you - all I can see is a flow diagram for wine glasses


Some nice pics here:


Some gorgeous photos there. (apart from the one with me in it). He has a real eye for it. Captured the rustic charm of the place & the old tech really well.


Great photos.

Not so sure about the one with Guy taking a ‘Shit - a la Francais’ behind the sofa…


Contemplating tape theft.


There are some superb photographs in there - he has a great eye for composition and the hi-fi isn’t bad either. :+1:


Impressive chameleon like abilities to blend in with the surroundings, in this case turning the same colour as the sofa…


It was a warm evening. Wine had been taken. :grinning: