Eurovision 2018 Low-lights and live commentary


Saturday night, sharpen your teeth, boil your bile - The rope is soaking.

Live punditry from AA’s discerning members - As per last year, post that shit here live.


What the fuckity fuck ?

AA is going to hell in a handcart (again) !


Best night of the year.
Cape and stick on beard is ready




This forum software’s crowning glory.



The rapid fire venom of last year was up there with the brilliance of the mince pie thread.


I might see if there is a way of doing split screen on my tv - one showing Eurovision and the other, the special AA subtitles


Cunt-o-vision is what you are looking for.


I am home. Narelle has the remote. I shall don my sequinned jumpsuit and give my usual in depth analysis.
I know nowt about music. But I know showbiz…


Fap folder.


Cunty shoes will be noted


Are you broadcasting live?

ooh I shall wear something special for you. I wonder if I can squeeze in a bikini wax tomorrow


All efforts are appreciated - I’m sure you scrub up nicely


I yearn for those tender moments


Latest Bookies Odds:

Cyprus 11/10
Israel 3/1
France 10/1
Germany 14/1
Sweden 16/1
Italy 20/1
Lithuania 22/1
Norway 25/1
Australia 25/1
Estonia 33/1
Ireland 33/1
Czech Republic 33/1
Denmark 40/1
Bulgaria 50/1
Moldova 50/1
Hungary 50/1
Austria 66/1
Finland 66/1
Ukraine 100/1
Netherlands 100/1
United Kingdom 200/1
Slovenia 200/1
Portugal 200/1
Albania 250/1
Serbia 300/1

Given how politicised it all is it’s hard to imagine Israel winning given what’s been going on this week.:thinking:

From what I have been reading on the Betfair Forum Italy have a decent song and performance so I have had a couple of quid on them and a quid on Moldova at 110/1 (Betfair Exchange price).


Go Serbia!


Can’t wait! :rofl:

What has it come to when one of the highlights of my year is watching the Eurovision song contest, whilst following a thread on the internet? :grinning: Honestly, Kerri and I spent 2 solid hours splitting our sides last year. We’ll do well to reach those heights again, it was hysterical. :grin:


As those cunts at BT have yet to set-up my broadband I will have to just watch and deal with my own putrid comments. I will, of course, be keeping a score sheet.

Enjoy the show everyone - it’s the highlight of the musical calendar :+1:


Have been invited to a house party on Saturday which will involve Eurovision based fun as the centrepiece. Drink will be heavily involved.