Eurovision 2018 Low-lights and live commentary

Saturday night, sharpen your teeth, boil your bile - The rope is soaking.

Live punditry from AA’s discerning members - As per last year, post that shit here live.

What the fuckity fuck ?

AA is going to hell in a handcart (again) !

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Best night of the year.
Cape and stick on beard is ready



This forum software’s crowning glory.

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The rapid fire venom of last year was up there with the brilliance of the mince pie thread.

I might see if there is a way of doing split screen on my tv - one showing Eurovision and the other, the special AA subtitles


Cunt-o-vision is what you are looking for.


I am home. Narelle has the remote. I shall don my sequinned jumpsuit and give my usual in depth analysis.
I know nowt about music. But I know showbiz…

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Fap folder.

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Cunty shoes will be noted


Are you broadcasting live?

ooh I shall wear something special for you. I wonder if I can squeeze in a bikini wax tomorrow

All efforts are appreciated - I’m sure you scrub up nicely


I yearn for those tender moments


Latest Bookies Odds:

Cyprus 11/10
Israel 3/1
France 10/1
Germany 14/1
Sweden 16/1
Italy 20/1
Lithuania 22/1
Norway 25/1
Australia 25/1
Estonia 33/1
Ireland 33/1
Czech Republic 33/1
Denmark 40/1
Bulgaria 50/1
Moldova 50/1
Hungary 50/1
Austria 66/1
Finland 66/1
Ukraine 100/1
Netherlands 100/1
United Kingdom 200/1
Slovenia 200/1
Portugal 200/1
Albania 250/1
Serbia 300/1

Given how politicised it all is it’s hard to imagine Israel winning given what’s been going on this week.:thinking:

From what I have been reading on the Betfair Forum Italy have a decent song and performance so I have had a couple of quid on them and a quid on Moldova at 110/1 (Betfair Exchange price).

Go Serbia!

Can’t wait! :rofl:

What has it come to when one of the highlights of my year is watching the Eurovision song contest, whilst following a thread on the internet? :grinning: Honestly, Kerri and I spent 2 solid hours splitting our sides last year. We’ll do well to reach those heights again, it was hysterical. :grin:

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As those cunts at BT have yet to set-up my broadband I will have to just watch and deal with my own putrid comments. I will, of course, be keeping a score sheet.

Enjoy the show everyone - it’s the highlight of the musical calendar :+1:

Have been invited to a house party on Saturday which will involve Eurovision based fun as the centrepiece. Drink will be heavily involved.

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