Eurovision 2018 Low-lights and live commentary


you could buy up Uncle Bens with the winnings


Have you voted? No.


My wife has just come home unexpectedly early and has caught me hurriedly trying to change the channel.

She is convinced I have been watching a porn film not thinking she was coming back. I’m not going to tell her the truth


And why are Australia in this?


In which Tanto Tempo is too exciting.


Ooooh, Portugese Dignitas Trio


There is only 30 minutes to kill, there isn’t going to be prog.


Ziggy has voted and now he is bored


Ruby has got over her operatic fright and has succumbed to the deadly dullness.


Narelle fell asleep during Bulgaria’s entry. She has now awoken to top up her glass of wine and watch the collation of the votes :+1:


Kids have unscheduled sleep-over so we have been for a cheeky curry and have missed the show! Who’s winning? :grinning:


Your jackets have been plastered all over the place mate. Your effort for Waylon was sublime…


Louise is still asleep. Although she awake briefly during the Cyprus song, and announced them as the winner


I’ve voted for Hungary



Ooooo Natalia Onuka :heart_eyes:


Here we go…


UK looking good


Good old Mel


Tight leaderboard