Eurovision 2024

Only one week to go :grin:


Have you been watching the semis Dave?

Aren’t they next week?
Just checked… Tuesday and Thursday next week


Plenty of time to put up the disco ball

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Oh my god, IRELAND is awesome!

Oh yes Croatia😀

Saturday night will be fun :grin:

Croatia are odds on to win it.

Moldova didn’t get through. I was hoping to see more of the lady.

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This is what playing Dungeons & Dragons looks like on Mushrooms and cheap Wizz from your Lucifer loving biker mate Gary.


8PM kick off - the AA live critique game is on, who’s in?

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I feel there may be some shenanigans tonight

Is there a big streaking scene in Sweden ?

One can only hope

As in lots of streakers or big streakers?

I’m streaker curious