(Even) more records for sale

Second Hand - Death May Be Your Santa Claus Unofficial release (this one) £?? Offers with money going to Toot Bazaar (exc. postage)
Helmet - Betty (this one) NM/VG: £25
Steve Hillage - Deeply Vale (this one) #424/500: Played once - £7
S.T. Mikael - In Harmony (this one) NM: £10
Down - Over The Under (this one) 2LP NM: £20
Pallbearer - Heartless (this one) 2LP NM £10

Postage will be at cost, cheapest I can get at the Post Office. PM me for PayPal stuff. Postage will be at weekends only.

Some more (mostly prog) to follow once I have sussed out the condition

SOLD Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream (this one, with 7"): Played once, still in shrinkwrap - £15
SOLD The New Rotary Connection - Hey, Love (this one) - NM: £5
SOLD Sundial - Science Fiction: Played twice - £10
SOLD Jet - Get Born (Vinyl NM, Cover a bit grubby) £5
SOLD Red Fang - Only Ghosts (this one) Played once: £10
SOLD Sleep - Dopesmoker (this one) 2LP NM: £15
SOLD Sleep - The Sciences (this one) 2LP: £18
SOLD Black Mountain - IV NM/NM - £10
SOLD Black Mountain - 10th Anniversary (this one) Played once: £15
SOLD Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (this one) NM/NM: £10
SOLD Calexico - Hot Rail NM/NM, Played a couple of times: £12
SOLD The Stooges - Fun House NM/NM: £8
SOLD The Heads - Enten Eller (this red one) NM/NM, Played once: £7
SOLD Electric Moon - Inferno (this one) M (sealed): £20

Received safely and with thanks !

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Bugger to slow for new rotary

I’ll take these please - and maybe more depending on what else is to come? Any heavy stuff? :sunglasses:

Heavy stuff added :metal:

Red Fang - Only Ghosts (this one) Played once: £10
Sleep - Dopesmoker (this one) 2LP NM: £15
Sleep - The Sciences (this one) 2LP: £18

And these as well thank you very much G

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More records added and some prices dropped

Black Mountain IV
Enter Eller

Please Gareth

This one pls, mate.

Beach Boys and Stooges please Gareth (if they’re not sold already)

Mike @MJ2 has blagged Fun House already…

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Black mtn 10th anniversary pls
I’ll hang on in case of more for posting. Doubt it if prog to come!

Please ping me if you need my Paypal payment details.

I am now posting as signed for. This is £4 but comes with £50 of insurance. If you don’t want this option, I can post for £3 (assuming the parcel weight is under 2kg).

If you are buying a few records, it will be cheaper to split into 2 parcels if the total weight is over the limit.

Got a few Gentle Giant albums that I’ll post for sale if anyone is interested…

Thanks to everyone who has paid up. Your records are packaged, addressed and ready for posting on Saturday morning.

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All posted. I forgot who plumped for signed-for postage, so you all have it.