Are any of you using or have experience of Eversolo streamer/dac?
What can you tell me about them?

A6 Review
A8 Review

Both absurdly good.

I have a DMP-A8 Tim. Functionality wise they are a bit of a swiss army knife. I would recommend you checkout Ed’s review links and some YouTube videos to get a full rundown of exactly what they offer.

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I bought an A6 recently Tim - very pleased with it. Will show you what it can do next Saturday :+1:

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Got an A8 last week, fantastic bit of kit.

Also using it as a preamp with the balanced outputs into the Aleph 2 and it sounds great.

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How does it compare to the Auralic?

Curious to know how it deals with lesser recordings?

Can’t say at the mo, was using the Auralic as a DAC source so a completely different setup, whether its the A8 or not I’m definitely preferring the A8 and Aleph with the Snells.

Auralic > passive preamp (volume) > AI 300 > Snell J/ii

and now using the A8 as the preamp

A8 preamp volume > Aleph 2 amps > Snell j/ii